Meet the Team

Sacha Beeley
2nd Year, French and Italian

Hello! Art is a great passion for me, with illustration in particular being something I’d love to get into after university. I’m hoping my year abroad will allow me to work in the art industry in Paris, where I did my art foundation course and spent an amazing year with some really great people. I’d say a lot of my inspiration comes from Japanese artists, which includes painters, directors and authors, for their detailed work or such creative imagination. I’m always looking out for interesting illustrators or graphic designers, so I’m really happy to be part of a magazine that allows me to get involved with other artists and see what a range of work other students have to offer!

What to look out for this year: Finding as much weird and wonderful art as possible- whether it’s something to let you know about in Bristol, or to be published in the next issue.

Most Interesting Movie: At the moment it’d have to be Howl’s Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki, one of Studio Ghibli’s many great animations, it always puts me in a good mood.

If you were stranded on a Deserted Island what would be the one thing that you would take with you: My cat, Cooga.

Jessica Fairlie
3rd Year, Pharmacology

Being brought up in Cornwall where art is totally embedded in the culture there has never been a point where it hasn’t fascinated me. I love work that is natural and has a rawness to it, my inspirations come from local artists such as Kurt Jackson but also through classic painters like Monet and Turner. I couldn’t be more at home than when I am sitting on the beach painting, although I also regularly print and sketch and constantly have my camera with me. I think everyone should carry a sketchbook with them, and collect all the remnants of their lives in it, I don’t think computers and technology aren’t a solid enough way to store that sort of thing.

What to look out for this year:
I think just a brighter more revived Helicon, more known to everyone and some beautiful magazines.

Favourite Quote:
Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted.

If you were stranded on a Deserted Island what would be the one thing that you would take with you:
My surfboard.

Zain Amir
3rd, Year Intercalating Medical Student

Being a Medical Student, outsiders always tell you that there is no room for the arts in something so clinical and look at you weird when you have a copy of Gray’s Anatomy (the book - not the TV show) in your bag and some Rossetti in your hand. But what they don’t know are the poems you can submit instead of essays and the modules titled “Creative Arts” you can take. I absolutely loved English during A-levels and since then really started looking at poetry in a totally new way. I’m also a strong believer in Slam Poetry and stripping back to the roots of how poetry really used to be.

What to look out for this year:  Bringing in old classics, modern, contemporary poets with some of the expressive nature of open mic nights – and of course tonnes of your stuff!

Favourite Quote: “Wherever the art of medicine is Loved, there is also love for Humanity” – Hippocrates himself.

If you were stranded on a Deserted Island what would be the one thing that you would take with you: A Football. Called Wilson.

Lily Golden
2nd Year, English

My interest in literature verges on the obsessive for and I’m never happier than when I am reading or talking about books. I’d love to one day write something that people want to read and although I’ve not done any writing for ages I’m trying desperately to get back into it! Helicon is perfect for me as I love art, photography and poetry as well as prose. I have a really wide variety of interests when it comes to prose and as long as it makes me think or sticks with me for a while I’ll like it!

What to look out for this year: Hopefully a new source of inspiration and motivation for writers who need a bit of a push (like me!).

If you could choose one fictional place to go where would it be? Gotta be one of Gatsby’s parties.

If you were stranded on a Deserted Island what would be the one thing that you would take with you? A boxset of The U.S. Office.

Abby Wynn
2nd Year, English & Drama

I am an English and Drama student and even though I unfortunately couldn’t class myself a book-worm, I absolutely love writing.  I want to work as a Fashion journalist when I leave Bristol and love documenting interesting and undiscovered things/trends that are current at the moment. I am also a theatre enthusiast and really enjoying watching and talking about recent productions. I love enthusiastic people, cake and am inspired by courageous women in the fashion industry such as Angela Ahrendts. 

What to look out for this year:
Finding fresh shops, exhibitions, cafes, events and issues that directly affect us as Bristol students, as well as many Interviews with artists, musicians and performers of all kind.

If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be and why?
Beyonce, any day. She is my modern day hero, fiercely feminist and ridiculously talented.

What song would best describe you?
On top of the world – Imagine Dragons.

Zoƫ Zietman
2nd Year, History of Art

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t collecting pictures, postcards, magazine cuttings and drawings that caught my eye. I love finding new artists, designers, blogs and images to influence my own work. Design and illustration are my main interests and I hope one day to spend my time designing as a proper grown-up job. For now, I fill my days visiting galleries, hunting in junk shops and doodling on everything.

What to look out for this year:
Bringing Helicon to more and more students through exciting new events, a colourful new Instagram for the magazine and lots of bold, fresh design.

A day well spend would be…
Sushi, sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

I couldn’t live without
American Apparel, regular cups of Lady Grey and a sketchpad.